Veterans' Services

Responding to the challenges facing veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq is a top priority at VOALA. Far too many veterans suffer invisible wounds, including Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD, which make the transition to civilian life very difficult.

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The Hollywood Veterans Center is a residential facility for veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, who are experiencing severe levels of difficulty readjusting to civilian life. Residents have the goal of obtaining permanent housing, financial security, and a personal support system. What makes the program unique is an individualized approach and a focus on compassion and tolerance: we emphasize service that builds personal growth, self-determination, and community reinforcement; we take measures to ensure family preservation and/or reunification; and we recognize and celebrate the achievements of the individual.


VOALA Transition House is a 20,000 sq. ft., 150-bed service center providing residential and non-residential programs to serve as many as 4,000 people annually. Services include emergency and transitional shelter, job placement assistance, corrections programs, and addiction counselling geared specifically towards veterans. Meetings are held three times a day on weekdays and twice a day on weekends for AA, NA, CA, and HIV Awareness, among others.


The Barracks offers transitional housing beds, classrooms, and a computer center for chronically homeless veterans. We also provide job training, job placement, and permanent housing referrals. VOALA has implemented a comprehensive, culturally-appropriate residential program integrated with mental health/substance abuse treatment, case management, supportive services, peer-based recovery, and aftercare services.


VOALA Veterans Service Center is the first point of contact for homeless veterans. We assess, advocate, and make referrals to VOALA programs, the VA, or other organizations, and we run support groups every day.  Locations in Downtown LA and South Los Angeles.


H.V.R.P. (Helping Veterans Receive Paychecks) is a program that provides job training, job placement, vocational training contacts, job search assistance, resume preparation, referrals to employers, job search services, and job retention strategies. Additionally, the program provides permanent housing referrals, transitional housing, referrals to free healthcare, and other supportive services. Locations in Downtown LA, South Los Angeles, and the San Gabriel Valley. Learn more.


S.S.V.F. (Supportive Services for Veteran Families) is a homelessness prevention program that provides comprehensive supportive services to very low-income veterans and their families residing in or transitioning to permanent housing.  The range of support is designed to promote housing stability and includes outreach, case management, assistance with obtaining benefits, health care, financial planning, transportation, child care, and temporary financial assistance. Admissions Criteria: must be a very low-income single veteran or a family in which the head of household or spouse is a veteran at risk of becoming homeless.


I.V.T.P. (Incarcerated Veterans Transitional Program) is an outpatient program which provides job development and case management services to incarcerated or formerly incarcerated veterans. Case management may include benefits linkage and transitional housing placement, as needed. Admissions Criteria: must be a veteran currently incarcerated or formerly incarcerated within the last 18 months. Learn more.


VS-21 provides transitional housing while addressing the issues that challenge young veterans including unemployment, addiction, mental illness, and homelessness.

VS-65 provides transitional housing and support services for veterans over the age of 65 including benefits advocacy, permanent housing referrals, and life skills classes. 


VS-90 is a transitional housing program for male veterans on parole or probation. The program provides intensive case management including individual and group therapy in a sober living environment, job referrals, linkage to benefits, and money management. Veterans in this program work towards obtaining and saving income, increasing self-determination, reducing institutionalized thinking, and transitioning into independent housing. This is a six month program which can be extended up to two years, depending on client needs and progress.

San Julian, West Covina and El Monte Access Centers provide assistance and referrals to homeless veterans and families including case management, access to computer centers, life skills classes, and clothing distribution.


Our North Hollywood Apartments provide subsidized low-income units to veterans and their families. Watch the video.